Mark O'Shea Photography | Christmas Proposal Ideas
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Christmas Proposal Ideas

It’s our favourite time of year… for proposals and Christmas is just packed with perfect moments to pop the question but it is always best to try to make them as creative and surprising as possible. As a wedding photographer in Cork for many years I have come across some very creative and imaginative proposals but the simple ones are always the best.

Hide the Engagement Ring in New Gloves

If your loves her fashion, this one’s for you. We love it because it has an old Hollywood glamour about it they’ll love it because…well, double presents. Make sure they are a good pair as she will probably keep as a keepsake!

Elf on the Shelf

To begin with you need an elf.  Elves are available to order straight from the North Pole (Amazon) or in most shops. When the elf comes, proclaim he has been sent from Santa as he suspects you’re on the naughty list. Trick your partner into believing the elf is real by making it get up to all sorts of mischief during the night. Finally have him redeem himself by helping you pop the question.

A Box Inside a Box, Inside a Box, Inside a Box

This one is for experienced wrappers only…


You will need: a ring, an assortment of boxes in a range of sizes, wrapping paper. Do not underestimate the amount of wrapping paper required for the task.

Method: Wrap the ring box and *place it inside a slightly bigger box, wrap the slightly bigger box. Repeat from * until you have a really big box. Place under the tree ready the night before. On Christmas morning, watch as your partner opens each box with increasing frustration. Be ready to pop the question.

Propose with an Advent Calendar

Nothing says romance quite like ‘homemade’. So get your creative cap on and make your partner an advent calendar with thoughtful gifts for them to open on the run up to Christmas day and if crafts aren’t your thing, why not stick to the traditional advent calendar but replace the chocolate behind day 24 with something much more sparkly.

Winter Picnic

We just love the idea of a picnic proposal, it’s thoughtful and shows a little preparation while at the same time, being really intimate and low-key. But you don’t have to wait for summertime to plan a picnic.

You could plan an indoor feast by the fire, with lots of candles and pillows on the floor, or, you could brave the elements with plenty of blankets, hot drinks, and maybe even a fire pit. Either way, a winter picnic makes a very special story to tell forever.

Hot Drink -One for coffee lovers

Hot drinks are a big part of festive nesting. Mulled wine, hot chocolate, chai latte, pumpkin spice, we love the lot! Why not incorporate your other half’s favourite winter beverage in a Christmas proposal? From writing a note on their Starbucks cup, leaving a message at the bottom of their drink, or asking them in chocolate dusting with a personalised stencil, there are so many sweet, novel and cosy ways to pop the question with a cup this Christmas.

Why not make the most of this special time and your holidays from work and do an engagement shot to begin your wedding album! Most wedding photographers will provide this service and it is a great way to check out your preferred wedding photographer before the big day!!